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Hana Yan!

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Status: 1 Volume (Complete) Author: SAZANAMI Raika Artist: SAZANAMI Raika Genre: Romance,  Shoujo The lady Yurika has fallen in love at first sight with a ‘yankee’, Seiki!! Even though it’s said that they live in different worlds, what actions did Yurika, who won’t give up, take? When Yurika’s bodyguard and fiancé barge in, too, the future of her romance is [...]

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Release # 92-93 A little gift from us (*´ω`)o

HELLO AGAIN~ Here I am again writing up another release post which I’m not really good at :;(∩´﹏`∩);: I’m sorry If It took us for so long to release another chapters (シ_ _)シ We have a good news and a bad news: The good news is that we completed 2 projects today! and the bad news is [...]

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Kindan no Scenario

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Status: 1 Volume (Complete) Author: Amanda Browning Artist: KOBAYASHI, Hiromi Genre: Drama, Josei, Romance from fictiondb: She was a pawn to be used as he liked And in the circumstances, Eve had no choice but to go along with the pretense set up by Max Nilsson’s schemes. A rich man’s lover–or a loving daughter trying to shield her [...]

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Release # 89-91 Festivities Begin!

Holidays are upon us folks! With the feast of Thanksgiving and crazy-shopping of Black Friday behind us, we only have Christmas to look forward to this month. Finally! Presents, presents and more presents. Will anyone be caroling or at least dressing up in festive clothes? I might do the latter with the whole reindeer headband. [...]

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Release #82-88 (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚Ta-dah!!

TRANSIENT MIRAGE RELEASES!  By the way, (シ_ _)シ We apologize for a long wait guy! Me, Solara and Lizzie have been so busy with RL that we haven’t even had the time to be lazy and do some scanlation work! BUT today we plan to give you guys more than what we released in the past, to [...]

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Kimi no Sei – Kizuato

Kimi no Sei - Kizuato

Status: 2 Volumes (Complete) Author: SAKURA Iro Artist: CHATANI Ami Genre: Drama, Josei, Romance From Girls’ Generation Scanlations: Since the prequel, Yurina has set aside her painful memories of being bullied by Takaya, and accepted his sincerity. They’re now dating and slowly rediscovering themselves, but their kindergarten classmate Nogi dredges up their past and vows to “rescue” Yurina from [...]

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Release #80-81 Better late than never

For today’s release~ we have the final chapters that were meant to be part of our release-a-thon… but getting to read them today isn’t so bad… right? Sorry for the delay! We have a harlequin update for all you harlequin fans out there. I know some of you have been eagerly waiting to read how [...]

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Release # 77 – 79 – A week of release!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to release earlier this month. I was on hiatus (still kind of) and both Runa & Solara have been busy with their work. To make up for it, as the title states, there will be releases everyday this week until Sunday!! (29th/30th) Don’t pay attention to the date on the [...]

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Release #74-76 Another Completed Series

Hello again readers! Today we have the ending of  a lovely one volume series that we started so long ago~ I’m excited to finally add this series to our completed list, but I’m also sad to see it end. Please enjoy the final two chapters of Orurerian no Kishi-Hime, plus~ chapter 5 also contains a [...]

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Release #73- New Joint Project

Hi everyone~ Just a single chapter today that we’re releasing with Evil Flowers. We’ll be doing a release from our other projects very soon, so look forward to that Be sure to stop by Evil Flower’s website as well, to thank them for all their work on this project. No password today. Renjou Sparkle v03 [...]

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